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Support Services

North Star Lodge prrovide a range of services to support your cancer journey.

Pain Management

At North Star Lodge, it is our goal to keep you comfortable during your treatment. Treating and controlling your pain is a primary concern. There are many options available for pain relief. Consult your doctor or nurse about your pain - they will likely be able to explain the cause and prescribe a treatment specifically for you.

When describing pain for your doctor or nurse, be as specific as you can about what you are experiencing. These words may help you describe your pain: nagging, dull ache, stabbing, burning, squeezing, cutting, tingling, shooting, pressing, flickering, itching, sharp, stinging, pricking, rushing, pinching, pulsing, gnawing, boring or cramping.

There are complementary treatments that, when combined with pain medications, may help control your pain. These include heat or cold packs, massage, pressure and vibration, exercise, repositioning, immobilization of painful area and relaxation, just to name a few.

Learn more by visiting Water's Edge: Memorial's Pain Relief Institute.

Lymphedema Therapy

Our Licensed Therapists and their highly trained staff specialize in preserving the strength and mobility of patients with cancer and other diseases. They also provide lymphedema therapy to those who have tissue swelling from removal of tumor, lymph nodes, or injury. This training is very specialized and helps to restore normal function for those patients. Physical Therapists make recommendations for counteracting fatigue through the use of exercise and strength training. North Star Lodge is pleased to offer one of the most comprehensive physical therapy sites in Central Washington, ensuring our patients a supportive and relaxing experience.


For many patients, the side effects of cancer and cancer treatments make it difficult to eat well. Appetite, taste, smell, and the ability to eat enough food or absorb the nutrients from food may be affected. At North Star Lodge, we have three of only thirteen specialists in the state of Washington Board Certified in Oncology Nutrition.

Dietitians specializing in Oncology Nutrition can develop nutrition therapies to help cancer patients get the nutrients needed to maintain body weight and strength, prevent body tissue from breaking down, rebuild tissue, and help fight infection. Your physician may refer you to a dietitian during your therapy, to focus specifically on your individual needs. Call (509) 574-3408 to schedule an appointment to talk to our oncology nutrition specialists.

Social Workers

A social worker is specially trained to help you find the resources you need in the local community to continue your normal life and routine as much as possible. They can assist our patients in finding resources in many areas:

  • Supportive Counseling - assistance with personal and family issues
  • Crisis Intervention - grief counseling and adjustment to illness
  • Community Referrals - assistance in locating cancer support groups, patient financial assistance, transportation, housing, hospice, and other supportive agencies
  • Healthcare Worker Consultation - psychosocial issues
  • Staff Consultation - community resources
  • Elder Abuse and Domestic Violence Screening - all health care staff are mandated reporters. Contact us for assistance, or directly report incidents of this nature to your social worker

For support from our Social Services Team call (509) 574-3497 or 509-574-3568 for assistance with resource coordination, insurance, social security, disability, financial issues, coping, support and support services.

Complementary therapies

At North Star Lodge, complementary therapies are used to enhance traditional treatment, giving the body additional ways to promote the healing process.

It's important for our patients to have a sense of well-being and empowerment. To take care of all sides of healing, emotional, psychological and spiritual, The North Star Lodge Cancer Team incorporates complementary medicine into conventional treatment plans in order to serve our patients more completely.


North Star Lodge has a number of resources for people in our community who qualify to receive help with transportation. Please contact our Social Worker on (509) 574-3497 to learn about transportation available.

Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is the conscious use of the imagination to create positive images ("healing visualizations") in order to bring about healthful changes in both the body and the mind.

The following titles are available to listen to while you are receiving treatment...

  • A Meditation to help Ease Pain Imagery and affirmations designed to reduce pain by elevating serotonin levels; teaching relaxation skills; refocusing the mind; encouraging feelings of love, gratitude, safety and peace; & marshalling courage and patience.
  • A Meditation to help with Bone Marrow & Stem Cell Transplantation Designed to promote feelings of safety & support; help with physical discomfort & fatigue; tolerate the temporary loss of identity; encourage patience with the healing process; envision a successful procedure & the body's acceptance of healthy new cells.
  • A Meditation to help you with Radiation Therapy Designed to help listeners see radiation treatment in a positive light; reduce adverse side effects such as fatigue & nausea; help immune cells combat trouble spots; reduce anxiety.
  • A Meditation to help you with Chemotherapy Designed to show chemotherapy in a positive light; reduce aversive side effects such as fatigue & nausea; help the body's immune cells fight cancer; encourage hope, safety and calm.
  • A Meditation to help you with Fatigue Guided imagery to help relieve tiredness from chemotherapy and radiation therapy; combat side effects from major cancer-fighting treatments.

To view our complete listing of classes and events please visit our calendar »


Mask Requirements

To minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19, Virginia Mason Memorial (VMM) would like to remind all patients and visitors that masks are REQUIRED at all VMM facilities, including our clinics.

To conserve supplies, we request that all patients and visitors bring masks to their appointments. A limited number of reusable cloth masks, made by community members, will be available if you need one.

We also strongly encourage all community members to wear masks when in public &emdash; this is one of our best tools to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

NEW! May 7: What are we doing to keep cancer patients safe during COVID-19?

  • Screening every patient for COVID-19 symptoms outside North Star Lodge
  • Converting visits to telehealth, either on-site or from home
  • Drawing labs from patients in their cars, when possible
  • Segregating suspected COVID-19 patients on a separate floor
  • Giving chemo and radiation treatment at the end of the work day to anyone with COVID-19 or post-COVID-19 infection to ensure patient safety and to allow for the space to be sanitized
  • Sending all patients with COVID-19 symptoms for immediate screening
  • Creating safe distancing between chemo chairs
  • Converting exam rooms to individual chemotherapy rooms
  • Conducting televisits in parking lot for patients needing technical assistance in the use of clinic iPads
  • Increasing hydration and supportive care to reduce ED and hospital visits
  • Putting in place same-day symptom management visits
  • Providing masks to all visitors to the building
  • Ensuring all staff working with patients wear masks
  • Reducing the number of patients and staff in the clinic to ensure social distancing

NEW! Telehealth: Let us bring your Healthcare to you.

We are now offering Telehealth visits at all Virginia Mason Memorial clinics. These are typical appointments with your provider but from your home, work, or wherever is most convenient for you

Learn more about joining one of our providers for a Telehealth visit »